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Strengthen the confidence in your geologic interpretation

of horizontal wells with simple-to-understand science...


SES 5 by Stoner Engineering LLC


3D Technical Geosteering Software

The engineering particulars behind the diagrams, matter! The core interpretation mathematics in SES operate on independent 3D objects using 3D math logic oriented in the true stratigraphic depth direction! It's more accurate and intuitive and the logic remains rock-solid when drilling any angle beds and while the wellbore turns in map view. No other geosteering well log correlation software matches SES features and logic! And, geosteering programs relying-upon vertical section are NOT 3D but instead operate with projections of 3D objects into 2D...the industry norm until SES 3D technical geosteering debuted 9 years ago! Don't settle for non-3D non-TST geosteering logic software! Be equipped to 3D interpret any horizontal well and payzone with SES!


"I have used 6 different geosteering packages and I believe yours to be the best.

Your willingness to take suggestions makes it even better. Thanks!"


3D Geosteering with SES using Stoner Engineering LLC's 3DStratBlock Method and Relative Stratigraphic Depth (RSD) Concept


SES is for geologists who are dissatisfied with drafting or gridding-tool methods of geosteering. SES is 3D technical geosteering software that makes wellbore stratigraphic tracking quick-n-easy, accurate, and easily shared. Unlike any other geosteering software, SES provides a complete suite of software features to handle all of your horizontal drilling needs.


----- 2015 sample comments... -----

"Thanks for making such a great piece of software."

"Im grateful for SES and how easy yall are to work with!"

"As always, you and your team are top notch when it comes to customer support."

"I love your program and will be spreading the word to everyone I work with as I do now."


----- 2014 sample comments... -----

"Our team is currently on version 5.02 and we absolutely do LOVE those 5.02 enhancements."

"In my opinion, after running the software, you'd be crazy not to run it."

"Congrats on the success of SES. ...its amazing how many companies and people I have seen using it. Great work!"


----- 2013 sample comments... -----

"SES is a great tool and the backbone of our G.O.C."


----- 2012 sample comments... -----

"SES is used by a lot of folks here in Fort Worth and we do all of our well planning and geosteering with it... It works like a charm!"

"Love the new additions... Keep up the great work!!!"


----- 2011 sample comments... -----

"I have used 6 different geosteering packages and I believe yours to be the best. Your willingness to take suggestions makes it even better. Thanks!"


----- 2010 sample comments... -----

"We are using SES everyday to steer 5 horizontal rigs."


----- 2009 sample comments... -----

"We find your program very useful and your support of it superb."


----- 2008 sample comments... -----

"I made the right call when we went out of zone a few times (faults!!) I was very, very happy to have the technology."


SES v4

STONER ENGINEERING SOFTWARE - SES is horizontal and directional well bore drilling software for pre-spud well planning with geologic model data integration through landing and 3D technical geosteering / stratigraphic interpretation while drilling or post drilling. Includes 2D/3D directional well planning methods, minimum curvature directional survey calcs, Technical Hole Deviation (THD) calcs, THD logs, steering guidance from patented Fuzzy Logic control technology, and advanced visual geosteering interpretation tools using LWD (gamma ray, resistivity, etc.) and other data. SES SCREEN VIDEO. Planning & surveying only, is TOTALLY FREE.


FRIENDLY DRILLING SOFTWARE - FDS 1.1 is rig site software for drilling data capture/storage and daily reporting. Data entry is quick-and-easy and reports are graphical. Look and be Hi-Tech without Hi-Cost, in fact, without any cost! FDS is TOTALLY FREE. FDS SCREEN CAPTURES.


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